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Quick & Easy installation

Quick & Easy deploymentSimply create a hole that is 28" deep and add 2" of crushed rock, concrete and then the PostShield.

Quick & Easy leveling

Track and analyze your emailLevel the PostShield and leave 4" above ground. The post can be plumbed perfectly vertical in seconds!  No more building braces to hold the post.

Install & Secure 4x4 post

Manage lists and subscribersInsert the 4x4 post and secure to the PostShield with a #10 or #12 screw if necessary.

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Simple, Effective Fence and Deck Post Installation and Protection

PostShield, is a UV impregnated PVC 'sleeve' that makes installation, replacement and repair of 4x4 wood posts simpler, faster and safer. It extends the life of posts used for signs, fences, retaining walls...anywhere a 4x4 wood post is used. PostShield is being used by homeowners, fencing contractors, State DOT's, Parks & Recreation Departments and CalTrans. Click to view testimonials

PostShield helps prevent decay and extends the life of wooden posts by creating a barrier between wood and dirt, draining water and venting moisture.

Post replacement becomes quick and easy and you will no longer need to dig out old concrete. Simply pull the old post out of the existing PostShield and slide a new one in. PostShield is a simple, cost effective solution for prolonging the life of wooden posts.

Supported Charities

PostShield has made charitable donations to:

CTF (California Transportation Foundation, CalTrans) Special Olympics
The Santa Barbara Firefighters Foundation Mel Blount Youth Homes
"There is an additional area where PostShield has proven very valuable—it’s great selling tool to the end customer/homeowner."

Fran Gotzon, Business Owner

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